Apple Ear Nose and Throat Centre

Dr Tan Nam Guan has been an ENT Surgeon for over 25 years. He graduated with MBBS from
the University of Singapore in 1985. He underwent Otolaryngology training in Singapore
General Hospital and received advanced training at the University of Edinburgh, UK. He
pursued his specialist training in Otolaryngology at the University of Edinburgh UK under
Professor Arnoid Maran, and was named a Fellow ofthe Royal College of Surgeons in 1990. He
completed further postgraduate studies at Vanderbilt University, USA in 1995 under Professor Robert Ossoff with sub-specialty training in laryngology and Voice Surgery.

Besides General Otolaryngology, his other keen interests include Laryngology, Paediatric ENT, FESS/ Balloon Sinuplasty, Head and Neck Surgery. He pioneered in Singapore General Hospital, the use of Botox injection for Spasmodic Dysphonia patients since 1995 after his return from USA.

Dr Tan held the rank of Senior Consultant in the ENT Department of Singapore General Hospital, where he served since 1988. He was priviledged to be the attending ENT Physician to many Singaporean, foreign and local VIPs. He set up his own practice in 2008.

Dr Tan’s wealth of experience allows him to accept a wide spectrum of Ear, Nose, Throat, Sinus, Thyroid, Parotid, Sleep, Voice, or Snoring patients. He is qualified to practice medical acupunture.